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cairo and yemen, and this following the attack on the embassy in benghazi in which chris collins and others were killed. and today, protesters stormed the embassy in yemen. three people were wounded when the police opened fire. in cairo, protesters threw molotov cocktails and the police responded with tear gas. and now mohamed morsi is joining the chorus of the world leaders condemning the murder of the ambassador of the united states. in teheran, protests outside of the swiss embassy which represents the u.s. since washington does not have diplomatic relations with iran. and also, american warships and
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u.s. marines are headed for libya as we speak. just a short while ago we learned identity of one more of the americans who were killed in libya. a person speaking for the family says she glenn dohertyf massachusetts. also, political fallout is building in the country over mitt romney's quick attack over president and the way that the american administration handled this crisis. cnn has reporters right across the globe throughout the middle east and we have handle on every s aspect and angle of this story, and we are life in every location. we will start right now with the anti-u.s. protests in yemen. one important note here sh, ye is a key ally in the fight against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula which has been a massive, massive problem of late. hakeem al wa ssri, is our
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journalist on the ground there. can you hear me? are you there? >> yes. protesters are decreasing and force forced to leave 300 meters away from the u.s. embassy. there were clashes. and three people were reported injured and one in critical condition. it caused the protests to es kate la, and as the day continues this these protests increase, and we are expecting more tomorrow, because right now many in yemen are reviewing the individu video online on the movie that is attacking the prophet mohammed, so this could not be the end from what we see. >> hakim, i'm looking at the protesters who are looking like they are armed with the crude of weapons and sticks and stones,
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little ray wiliterally, and is coordinated or just spontaneous? >> no, this is spontaneous. these are protesters angered from the mosques who talk about the anger of the u.s. movie. the sticks you see in the hands were sticks found near the embassy door and the embassy entrance, and they came unarmed. if you look closely, you will not see the guns tor machine guns or serious arms, because anything they are holding was found and taken from the embassy entrance or near the embassy. and again, it is a critical, critical situation. but, it is also good that it did not escalate, and the number of protests were massive and in the thousands so that the results are better tn expected, and we are hoping that the streets
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tomorrow, they will be prepared to diffuse the tensions. >> that is my question, because looking at the pictures, i don't see one police officer, and i don't see one soldier or any representatives of any security forces anywhere and this is an embassy. i may have missed it off of the top of the reporting, because we had audio problems, but where were there? where are they now? >> the security of the u.s. embassy is very, very strong. there is maybe 1,000 yemeni security forces near the embassy and let alone the marines stationed near the embassy in the hundreds of well. and the idea that the security forces decided to evacuate the area area, and enter the embassy, is because of the tension. if blood spills on the ground, these protesters would have escalated and been very, very dangerous for the yemenis and the americans in yemen. so the security forces thought it was best not the attack these
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protesters as long as they were unarmed. and the interior ministry official told us earlier that my protester who is seen armed near the embassy would be immediately shot at, but since the protesters did not have weapons or guns with them, that is why this security decided it would be best -- >> they are allowing this to go on and allowing the people to vent their anger and destroy whatever property they can find in the immediate va sicinity ofe embassy as well as the outsidef of the embassy itself, and if i understand you correctly, hakim, even the security forces and the marines are hold up inside of the embassy presumably protecting our people in there and ready to shoot if the embassy is breached? >> again, yemen is very different society. people here are very well armed. in fr an average protest in yemen you would find hundreds of th thousands of protesters, so it is the idea of what the
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situation if you make it worse or fry to solve it. from my opinion, from where the security forces are reacting today, they tried to diffuse it, and that is why thousands of -- or the area of the embassy hours after the protesters after they started. the only tension and gun fire that took place when the protest protesters were in a small number, and trying to attack the embassy and more. so, it is how they express their views, and that is how it is this way. >> thank you, hakim almasmari. thank you very much live from sanaa. and more perspective regarding the anger and again, all of this sparking from the anti-muslim video, movie, whatever you want to call it. it was extraordinarily crude.
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mohammed jamjoon of cnn is reporting for us and he has been throughout yemen many times and elsewhere in the middle east. this is your beat, and you are with us from beirut in lebanon and quite a ways away from the violence we just saw, but my question, mohammed, how much of reaction to spread to egypt, and y yemen and libya, and elsewhere and how do we see it as far west as you are and as far west as afghanistan and the philippines? >> well, that is certainly the concern right now, ashleigh, the fact that so many protests have popped up in these countries over the last 24 hours. i was speaking earlier in the day to a lot of activists in yemen. and i have been to yemen many times and i was talking to them about this and they were saying that they were shocked that a protest could get this close to the u.s. em bbassy.
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they were saying that they were concerned that this might happen, because there has been so much outrage in the middle east and specifically the countries that we are talking about, about this film that they were concerned of demonstrations and violence, but nobody expected that an angry mob of 2000 or 3,000-strong could have gotten that close to the embassy in sanaa, because this is a fortress and very secure part of the capital of yemen and some place that you would not expect that a angry mob could breach the security and start climbing a wall. this is what is concerning people, if it can happen at the american embassy in yemen at the capital, where else might this happen? but to that end, i have spoken to a lot of activists who are saying that they are appall ed this happened. that even if people are angry and even if they are offended and feel that the film was blasphemous and insulting to islam, this is no way to handle the anger and it should be done a different way and to that end, you heard the apology of yemen to the american people and
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barack obama a short time ago say saying he was ordering a full investigation of the incident and asking the security forces to prosecute whoever was involved in this to the fullest extent of the law. but it is a big concern for the western officials and u.s. officials in the region and a region seen so much turmoil in the last couple of years. >> mohammed, let me ask you, tomorrow, as is every friday likely to be a very busy day when it comes to the protesting, because it is friday prayers among all muslims worldwide and typically when we find ourselves in a volatile situation, it is more volatile on friday and what is being done with the leaders in the middle east and the far east and any other areas where there is a propensity to inflame or try to tamp down the effect of friday prayers tomorrow? >> well, we have seen the leaders in the last couple of days issuing statements of regret and apologies like the
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yemen's president to the american people today, but whether that is enough to staunch this rising flow of anger, we just don't know. when you were speaking to hakim, a few moments ago he said it sounded like a spontaneous outburst of anger in yemen and that is what happened today. it does not seem from the oishl ifs we are speaking with to dda that it was any sort of organized big event. it was a lot of people angry, and this is how they managed to take out that anger. the concern is that how will this play out across the region and in places like afghanistan where you have seen condemnation of this, and play out in other muslim countries? we don't know at this point. everybody is on high alert, and the security apparatus in many countries are in high alert, and making sure that the people are dissuaded from the demonstrations, but whether or not that is enough, we don't know at this point. ashleigh? >> mohammed jamjoon, live for us in beirut, lebanon. and what are their leaders doing, and our leaders doing? that is coming up next. with less chronic low back pain.
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♪ ♪ ♪ every mom needs a little helper. that's why i got a subaru. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the hunt for those responsible for the kill ings o americans in benghazi and libya is intensify iing. right now, two u.s. navy destroyers that are equipped with guided cruise missiles,
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tomahawks, are on their way heading to a position off of the coast of libya. also on the way, unmanned surveillance drones and an elite marine unit has just arrived in country. cnn's barbara starr has been following the military response to all of this. barbara, for starters, there is such a thing as the military response that looks offensive, and there is a military response that looks supportive. can you clear up just exactly what this military response is supposed to be? >> well, ashleigh, walk through the pieces of it. first up, 50 u.s. marines arrived yesterday. they are at the u.s. embassy in tripoli in the capital. strictly to help reinforce security at the embassy. to provide extra guard force for the embassy installation to assist in the evacuation of an american personnel that might have to leave the country, strictly there to help the embassy. they have no military mission out on the street.
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the drones, and the u.s. military and the u.s. government have been actually flying drones over eastern libya which is now continuing and stepped up perhaps looking for the precise targets, and looking in eastern libya to collect intelligence on suspected al qaeda sites, if you will, targets, people, enca encampments, areas, strongholds in eastern libya east of benghazi, and known to shelter some of the militant groups. what they want to do is to be able to collect the intelligence and pin down who they believe is responsible for this attack. the intelligence will come from overhead imagery, from intercept s of communications and cell phone calls and all of the typical things that are very well known that the u.s. military and the u.s. intelligence community has done over the years in a variety of places. they assemble that intelligence, and if they can get a particular target that they believe is responsible for the attack, then next step comes into play, and
8:16 am
two ways of dealing with that target either libyan security forces getting the intelligence handed to them, and they go after it or the u.s. has these other options in place. the ship s as are there as a precautionary move and the tomahawks are in range should the president want to use them. there are also drones that can fly in carrying missiles should the president want to use those. all of the options are on the table as you say. sg . >> i'm glad that you mentioned the drones that can carry weapons and ordnances. are these truly intelligence-gathering devices? >> well, at the moment, we are told by senior officials that u.s. officials that this is strictly a reconnaissance mission, unarmed, looking for intelligence and looking to gather up all of the data and the information they can so that they can assemble information on
8:17 am
who might have been responsible for the benghazi attack. that is where it stands right now, and once they get the intelligence and the target if they can get one, then they consider what all of the other options are about what they want to do about it. >> barbara starr, thank you for monitoring that for us from the pentagon today. good to see you. and by the way, the newly elected president of libya and president obama have agreed to work closely on the investigation the find the people who did this, and murdered our four diplomatic representatives. and president obama has reaffirmed the support for the democratic transition in libya, and very important because that is a cause that ambassador stevens deeply believed in. she needed a good meal and a good family. so we gave her purina cat chow complete. it's the best because it has something for all of our cats! and after a couple of weeks she was part of the family. we're so lucky that lucy picked us. [ female announcer ] purina cat chow complete.
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throughout the middle east today, a little bit of the same story in different cities as the out raged protesters converge on the u.s. embassies and consulates. in egypt the demonstrators there turned to molotov cocktails and threw them, and they also pushed through barbed wire fencing and pushed over vehicles outside of the embassy in cairo. you can see the police in riot gear, and it is difficult to see them, but they are there, and they responded with the tear gas and this is the response to keep
8:21 am
hundreds of protesters and some of them violent at bay. and joining us from cairo is ian lee. and get me up to speed now, and with the time difference, there is day time and have things abated or police able to get an edge on the protesters or what is the circumstance? >> well, if you can see behind me, the protesters are down there in the hundreds and the numbers vrt st s have started t the night is approaching and growing darker. to put it in perspective this protest started midnight yesterday egypt time, d this thing has been running for almost 18 hours now nonstop clashes between the police and the protesters, tear gas, rocks, molotov cocktails and as you mentioned, they burnt out some police vehicles, and it does not look like it is about to die down, but looks liket may be growing a lit. you watch the two groups, the police and the protesters will
8:22 am
ebb and flow and really a stalemate and neither side is gaining much ground on the othe other. >> ian, i want you to read a comment from the egyptian president mohamed morsi, because i believe that much of the focus has been on whether this man would condemn the violent actions and the protesters' damage of the embassy and the breaching of the kcompound, and we waited and waited and we waited and finally rewe g -- fiy we got this in the form of a message broadcast by tv. on my behalf and on behalf of the entire egyptian people, i would like to issue my sincere condo lepss and my deepest concerns -- and here is what is important. i strongly condemn the killing of the american ambassador in benghazi, and those who were with him. finally, ian lee, a condemnation of the killings in libya and the violence, b.
8:23 am
but it has taken so long, and look at the mess behind you and why has it take zone long? >> well, that is what a lot of people are wondering. the foreign ministry and the prime minister came out fairly soon after the incident at the embassy here in cairo to condemn the breach. yesterday president mohamed morsi released a message on facebook, but he did not condemn those who broke into the embassy, and today, we are getting that condemnation, and the message. it is really for a lot of people, i know, wondering why it took him so long to come out to condemn something that just seemed to obvious for many of a breaching of any embassy or any diplomatic mission is something that you should prevent and so a lot of people are wondering why did it take so long to come out to condemn this, but he has condemned it. >> ian, he has done it, but have
8:24 am
they heard him i am look algt the mess behind you, and have they heard the message and do they care? >> well, you know, i was down there earlier and the group that makes up the protesters right now is a different group than we saw tuesday night in the embassy raid. this group right now is more disen trfranchised youth, and w have seen this type of crowd over the last year and half after the revolution, and these are youth who seem to enjoy battling it out with the police. tuesday night, we saw more ultraconservative islamists, and today, we are not seeing those people down this the square. >> that is remarkable. there is such a high percentage of unemployed youth in the countries where we see the volatility. ian lee in cairo for us. thank you.
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today, we are saying good-bye to the first man ever to walk on the moon. the reluctant hero as his family calls him, who shyed away from the spotlight. neil armstrong. his capsule communiqcator from apollo charlie duke said that he was always a team player. i am quoting charlie now. neil believed it was a u.s. accomplish and not their accomplishment. he was one of the humblest men i ever met. even the biographer echo ed the words. have a listen. >> i think that neil felt that he knew that other astronauts could have made the land iing. the crew dispatched for 11, all three of the astronauts, but the commander armstrong, felt it was important that it was a national effort, and this was a team effort, and to have the names of the astronauts was really, you know, it was not needed.
8:29 am
and it was not really the message. in terms of the deciding who would be the first out, between aldrin and armstrong, they both landed at the same time. i mean, that is the way neil looked a it. he did not see why there was a emphasis upon him being the first out. >> it is one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> there was some thinking about, well, which of the two men will best, you know, will best represent nasa, and the country and humankind as the years go by, and there was pretty conscious decision by the senior management that armstrong was kind of the new lindberg. >> the new lindberg and such an explorer. our john zarrella joins us live from washington. you were at the memorial service today for neil armstrong, john, and such historical significance to the tribute today and get me up to speed on that. >> yeah, you know, one of the things that you sit there,
8:30 am
ashleigh, and you see, wow, all of these men that we are seeing, we probably won't have an opportunity to see them all in the same room again. jeanne s gene cernan, who was the last man to walk on the moon spoke haltingly and eloquent ly about his very, very good friend neil armstrong and talked about how you saw in the piece, it was all about the team, and that is the way that neil was, about team and never about him. so, you know, i talked to walt cunningham, apollo 7, and walt cunningham told me just like you saw in the piece a lot of people could have landed on the moon and done that, the first man on the moon, but only neil was the only one in their group, cunningham said, who could have carried himself so well after the fact. >> and spiked no football. john zarrella, thank you. such a lucky assignment today and fascinating that neil armstrong will be buried at sea. remarkable. i want to let the viewers know while i thank john, that you can
8:31 am
see the entire tribute to neil armstrong go to and you can watch the whole thing. it is quite lovely. eading, and . those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule.
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america's choice 2012 and we are minutes away from a mitt romney campaign event in fairfax, virginia, and burning question of this hour is will the gop presidential nominee keep up with these searing attacks on president obama's anti-american reaction overseas or tamp it down in light of the political counterattacks or will he avoid the topic altogether and try to switch gears to the economy, say? we will know soon enough, but in the meantime, wolf blitzer is weighing in from washington. wolfthere has been quite a bit of volley of attacks going back and forth in the last 24 hours,
8:35 am
and some of this has come within mitt romney's own party. he does not have a solid bloc behind him supporting what he said when he criticized the president and the administration's reaction to what is going on overseas. >> he has always had a certain number of republicans as you well know, a lot of the conservatives and the tea party akvists who were always skeptical and dramatically reassured by paul ryan being added to the ticket which helped, but always a element that never really loved mitt romney to begin with. let me play for you two clips and the reaction to mitt romney's tough statement against the administration's policy general generally what is going on. rst the president of the united states, and then john kerry, a supporter of the president, the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. >> there's a broader lesson to be learned here, and governor romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and name later. as president one of the things that i have learned is that you cannot do that.
8:36 am
you know, it is important for you to make sure that the statements that you make are backed up by the facts, and that you have thought through the ramifications before you make them. >> to make those kinds of statements before you even know the facts, before families have been notified and before things have played out is really not just inexperienced, but it is irresponsible and callous and reckless. and i think that he ought to apologize, and i don't think that he knows what he is talking about frankly. it is that simple. i don't think that, ashleigh, mitt romney is going to apologize, althoughly be curious and you will be curious, all of the viewers will be curious to see how he handles this diplomatic tight rope in the area of the moment, and it is a sensitive subject and one he has to deal with gingerly. >> you know, there have been
8:37 am
some voices that have been moderate urging that everybody needs to take a big step back. cool off on the rhetoric. have a listen to. this. >> let's avoid the political statements right now and -- >> should that be true of mitt romney as well? >> i think that we need to keep the political focus on the election separate from the possible implications of what goes to security and how to protect our citizens. >> that's senator dan coats with the intelligence committee and so one would think that, wolf, people would listen to a senator like that and what he has to say, and is he being heard? >> i am sure he is being heard, because dan coat s s is an important republican senator from indiana, and he has some influence out there, but remember, we are really in the tail end of a presidential campaign, and it is very close no the battleground states, florida, virginia, ohio right now, and anything that comes up is going to be fodder for the
8:38 am
political debate between the president and the governor in this particular case. so i 'm not surprised that there is a debate and how romney handles it, and obama handles it is going to be very important. normally in a situation like this, foreign policy is not high on the agenda, but in this particular case if violence spreads from egypt and yemen and elsewhere, and if there is a repeat -- and i hope there isn't obviously -- of what happened in '79 when american diplomats were held hostage in teheran, obviously, that would have an impact and how it would play out would depend upon how the candidates react to what is going on. >> and the they were released on the day that president reagan was inaugurated and so incredibly political those 144 day days. wolf blitzer in washington, and thank you so much. wolf blitzer will be back on his own show "situation room" starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern right here on cn.
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i want to get you to chicago where the teachers strike is now in the fourth day with 350,000 students just waiting to find out what their future is going to be and not the mention the parents who really need them to go to school so they can get to work. also, academic futures and the parents are not the only things on the line, because there are literally thousands and thousands of student athletes who are taking a major hit in the strike as well.
8:42 am
we mentioned that the strike is keeping the football players off of the field, and that can potentially keep some of them from going to college. >> it is an eerie feeling right now, because i'm used to be out here at this time to working with the young men to motivate them to give them opportunities to go to college, and we are unable to do it. >> reporter: one of the young men is standout offensive lineman kendall moore and for him and many of his peers, without a scholarship, he simply cannot at the end college. >> it is very important, because after college i want to start my career. >> reporter: without the video of one or two games to show recruiters can make or break a division ii or iii prospect's chances. he has already missed one varsity game, and if the strike goes past thursday, he could miss two games. and the reverend jesse
8:43 am
jackson has offered his services to try to mediate this terrible impas impasse. i am joined by chris wells from chicago, and i want to ask you about the football story, and not just na ta kthat the kids ag to miss games, but they are doing their own practices, and that is maybe dangerous and where does that stand? yes, they are having to go to the prak tis unhave vised and any of the coaches or teachers are not allowed to work with the students during the strike and everything is student-led and some folks would say, this is no worse than a pickup game of foot b football or basketball on the south ooid of chicago, but that said, it is the south side of chicago, and the parent s as ar worried about their kids being out of school in general at all so the fact that they have free time has folks worried, because this is an area of chicago as you know this year, they have seen quite a lot of violence and shootings and the murder rate has really gone up, so it is really a concern for parents. >> day four, and still at it.
8:44 am
chris welch, thank you very much. when a deal is met here in the strike, there is another big hurdle for the parents and schools. it is called excess seat capacity, and parents know it as school closings. we have a terrific blog called schools of thought at case, and take a look. chevrolet malibu eco. ♪ sophisticated new styling, the fuel-saving intelligence of eassist, 37 mpg highway, and up to 580 highway miles on a single tank of gas. ♪ the all-new 2013 chevrolet malibu eco. ♪ it has everything to put you in the malibu state of mind no matter what state you live in. ♪ ♪
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we return to the violent protests in egypt, yemen and there are protests because of a crude film made by a man allegedly by sam bacile, but there is not much out there about this mysterious filmmaker, however, a member of the crew has contacted cnn and told us that the producer's name that
8:48 am
was listed on the actual paperwork filed with the screen actor's gild is actually abunub bacilli, not sam bacile. he claims to be a 52-year-old israeli-american, but there are no records to show he is registered in hollywood. crew members believe he is a coptic christian. and there is no record of a man named sam bacile holding israeli citizenship. that is what we do know. and we know that the film was shot in the united states, and one tof the actresses who took part in it is very upset. she asked not to be named, and she told our producer that she was duped. >> reporter: she responded to a casting call for an action
8:49 am
adventure film set 2,000 years ago and a low budget film called "desert warrior." you find yourself in the middle of an international -- >> nightmare. that is what i find myself in the middle of. of a world i have prayed for. for god to help. killing is never right. >> reporter: in her portion of the script, the prophet mohammed character was called george who was referred to during fimming as master father or father master, but never mohammed. she was paid a few hundreds dollars for a few days work, but she says that the filmmaker lied about the film's contact. i think it is unfair. i am sorry for that man and the family that was hurt.
8:50 am
>> and she even phoned bacile saying that he was defiant. >> tell them that i am tired of the muslim people killing. >> the motivation some change within sclauislam? >> only a fraction of the fraction of these very dangerous men. if we could somehow open up the eyes. >> reporter: the actress doesn't want her name used because her family is fearful, but she isn't. >> what's your overriding emotion right now? is it fear, is it anger? >> anger and hurt. i'm not afraid. my husband is afraid. for me. but i'm not. i'm pretty pissed. >> miguel marquez is joining me live from los angeles. miguel, this actress has intimated that she wants to sue this producer, whether his name is sam or abunub bacile. does she know where he is.
8:51 am
>> reporter: she does. he told her in the conversation that he's sticking by his guns, that this was his vision for the film. he told her don't worry, it's not your fault, it's my fault, sam bacile, you tell the media i'm doing it because i'm frustrated with the way fanatical muslims continue americans abroad. we are trying to track down exactly who this guy is. this is some of the paperwork connected to some of the names sam bacile goes under but it is a long paper trail with a very checkered past and this is a guy who clearly at this point does not want to be known. certainly the fbi today announcing that they are investigating all aspects of this case and that may include sam bacile himself. perhaps not for making of the movie but other past deeds that he may have done. >> just the remarkable danger that he's put these people in. to suggest for a moment it's my fault, don't worry about it, you can tell that to the millions of people who aren't even listening to their own leaders when their leaders tell them to tamp down
8:52 am
the violence. miguel, good work and thank you. we'll keep you updated as well as we continue to dig. miguel is busy tracking down all the paperwork. when we find out more about this person, we'll bring you the very latest of the you can also keep track of it by logging on to the one you plan to take. whoa, check it out. hey baby goat... no that's not yours... [ hikers whispering ] ...that's not yours. [ goat bleats ] na, na, na -- no! [ male announcer ] now you can take a photo right from video, so you'll never miss the perfect shot. [ hikers laughing, commenting ] at&t introduces the htc one x. now $99.99. rethink possible.
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i want to take you live to fairfax, virginia, where governor romney is now speaking to a crowd at a campaign event in that city. of course we were waiting to find out if he would address these criticisms and the volleys of criticisms back and forth between him and the obama administration about the united states' reaction to the violence we're seeing overseas and the killing of our u.s. ambassador and three others. let's listen. >> i want you to know things are going to get a lot better but i also recognize that we're in mourning, we've lost four of our diplomats across the world. we're thinking about their families and those they have left behind. what a tragedy to lose such a wonderful -- wonderful people
8:56 am
that have been so wonderful and appreciate their service for the country. [ crowd chanting usa, usa ] >> and so i would offer a moment of silence, but one gentleman doesn't want to be silent so we're going to keep on going. let me talk about something else and that is today we saw the headlines in "usa today" and they said that the median income in america has dropped by $4,300 per family. so these are -- these are tough times for american families that have work and then you have 23 million people who are out of work. or stopped looking for work or underemployed. these are tough times. but you know what, your optimism is my optimism. america is coming back. we're going to make sure that we have the jobs we need. america is going to remain
8:57 am
strong and we're going to make sure that we remain the hope of the earth. now, a strong america is essential to the world. it's essential to us and to our future, but also to the world. i was in poland a few weeks ago and i met with lech walesa, a world hero, and he saw me come in and through an interpreter he said you must be tired, you've come from across the ocean. he said, you sit, i talk, you listen. and abrupt and to the point. and he said this time and time again. he said, the world needs american leadership. where's american leadership? we need a strong america. where's american leadership? and i intend to lead and have an america that's strong, that helps lead the world. as we -- as we watch the world today, sometimes it seems that we're at the mercy of events instead of shaping events, and a strong america is essential to
8:58 am
shape events. and a strong america, by the way, depends on a strong military. we have to have a military -- we have to have a military second to none and that's so strong no one would ever think of testing it. this president has done something i find very hard to understand. ever since fdr, we've had the capacity to be engaged in two conflicts at once, and he said, no, we're going to cut that back to only one conflict. and so he's put in place cuts of almost a trillion dollars, but with his budget cuts and the sequestration cuts, we'll have almost a trillion dollars of cuts to our military. if i'm president of the united states, we will restore our military commitment and keep america the strongest military in the world. the world needs american leadership. the middle east needs american leadership and i intend to be a president that provides the leadership that americas respects and keep us admired throughout the world.
8:59 am
now, for us to have a strong military, of course you have to have a strong economy. and people have to be able to get good jobs. and our veterans coming home deserve those good jobs. so i would have expected that with 23 million americans out of work or having stopped looking for work or underemployed, i would have expected that when the president gave his address at the convention a couple weeks ago that he would have spoken about the unemployed, but he didn't. i expected him to talk about a plan to get people back to work. oh, he talks about where he wants to get, but not how to get there. and we watched him for the last four years. and what he has done has not helped. it has led to a $4300 dline in median income. it's led to unemployment being above 8% for 43 straight months. it's led to a larger and larger gap between the wealthier and the rest of america. his policies have not worked. how in the world he can go before a democrat convention and speak to the nation and offer nothing but more of the same is
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